With an ever growing catalogue of stunning cinematic music, dedicated in house production team, and our talented pool of some of the best custom composers in the industry. Trailer Rebel covers all musical genres, from soaring orchestral and driving action hybrid, to outstanding sound design and detail rich custom compositions.

In order to guarantee our high quality and signature sound, our work is created, monitored, mixed and mastered in-house with great love and care, from briefing to delivery.

And to protect our brand from replication, and to ensure you get the most individual and exclusive content, our catalogue is only available to our clients.


After an exhausting hunt for the most talented composers the Rebels have found some of the most unique, creative (often quite crazy!) and truly brilliant musicians from the far corners of the world. From small Spanish mountain towns to the remote reaches of Russia, the Black Forests of Germany and the heart of LA. If you feel you have what it takes to be a Rebel composer please drop us a song to



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